Why You Should Not Give Up Now


Be Your Own Boss Advocate!

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  1. Ayodele olumide says:

    Hello Idris…I really wish to do this online business stuff. But sincerely I’m not getting it right. I could remember when I purchased ur material about fiveer do you believe I don’t make a penny from it, and I also bought from this lady called Ronke. I have invested up to 50k and nothing to show at all. I could remember then when u said if I buy the book and I don’t make money withing one month that u will return my money. But I couldn’t talk. Cuz I know i’m the one who is not getting it right. I just don’t know what to do again. I do see all your message on my e-mail but don’t know what to do or step to take.. Pls boss take me out of this poverty and kindly help your brother. To be frank with you now presently i don’t have a penny on me. How can u help me, I mean help me out pls. What step can I take to achieve online business success.

    • IDRIS says:

      Hey bro, if I may ask you, how did you spend the 50k? On purchasing of MMO products or doing business/taking actions? Please ring me on my line or chat me up on fb. I will be looking to help you make your first income online

  2. Indispensable Idris 😉,

    What a wonderful post you’ve got up there. I’d like to call it, ‘A break from the usual FLP mumbo-jumbo’ ☺.

    Just yesterday, I sent an email to an expert in Digital Marketing, I pour out my heart; told him about my struggles with making money online.

    Here’s the exact email I sent: What I’m doing wrong? 😢

    I’ve a blog.
    I’m a good writer.
    I recently bought a Facebook page that has 5000+ likes.
    I’m an Hubspot certified Content Marketer.
    I’ve US email addresses.

    But I’m still struggling to generate passive income online 😖😖😖.

    Since 2013, I’m yet to make up to $100 from both my AdSense and Fiverr accounts.

    I’ve tried almost everything! From blogging to affiliate marketing to Fiverr, Famebits, Content Marketing, Facebook money etc.

    Please, tell me, what I’m doing wrong?
    He hasn’t replied yet but I hope he do… Before I make a decision to quit this whole thing! 😒

    Enough is enough!

    Oh, by the way, Donald Trump looks younger than he’s now that he’s a President..:-) when was the book written?

    Keep banking hard! 😄

    • IDRIS says:

      Hey man, I think the first thing you need to do is to focus on one business first. Throw in all your resources and time and watch what will happen. Most of the time, you will get more result focusing on one thing/business .

      Let me know if there is a way I could help.. (on the phone or fb).

      The book was published in 2006

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