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Price Increases In:

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Dear Friend,

 My name is Idris Adeleye. Since 2013, when I’ve became a full-time Netpreneur (Internet Entreprenuer), I’ve been involved in several form of internet businesses.

Some were successful while a host of others failed.

But one business that I’ve always never regretted is eCommerce.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce has to do with selling of products using the internet. In this context, we are going to be focusing on physical products. I get these products mostly via importation. I also sometimes source for them locally. But we will get to all that in few minutes.

Why eCommerce?

In the past few years, ecommerce has already proven to be the biggest thing when it comes to creating LEGAL and REASLISTIC wealth.  I will give you a few undeniable examples to drive my point home. 

Jeff Bezos who is the founder and currently the CEO of (an online marketplace/ecommerce business) has overtaken Bill Gates (the CEO of Microsoft) to become the world's richest man.

Sound normal? Let me give you another one…

On the 12th of November 2017, recorded a sale of over $25 Billion dollars within 24 hours… Let me remind you that the amount of money is a lot more than the Nigeria's budget size for 2017.

By the way, Jack Ma (the CEO of Alibaba Group) is currently the richest man in the entire Asia. And he is also currently in the Top 30 on the Forbes World Richest Men List.

OK. Let’s leave those foreign businesses and come home. Jumia and Konga are the biggest players in the eCommerce industry in Nigeria. And every year, they record several thousands, if not up to millions sales.

The last time I checked, the value of Jumia was around $1Billion. And this is a company that started out in 2012, despite the fact that the country has been in recession for almost half of the time of its existence.  

Why eCommerce Has Been Successful So Far!

The big deal is the INTERNET.

Currently, there are over 16 Million Nigerians on Facebook alone. Imagine having your products right in the face of even 1/10 of this people? And by the way, you can reach up to that number within a day spending less through Facebook Advertising. We will get to that much later.

Before you start thinking you've seen the model... Wait, because there are some things you need to understand before going into ecommerce.

Trying to compete with the above guys is suicidal. You Will Get Eaten Alive!!!

Well, except if you have millions of dollars to invest into advertising, staffing, etc. So many people have tried to use this approach and failed… I can give you 10s of case studies here but that will just be a waste of time…

Instead I will just tell you how to actually break into this business yourself without any big investment, staff or much effort... You don't even need a website.

I really need you to PAY FULL ATTENTION Now because what I am about to reveal to you is enough to change your life for GOOD.

I’ve been doing this since 2015… I’ve paid several thousands of money to learn, gone through several sleepless nights because of researches and got my hands burnt while experimenting and experiencing how this works.

How To Make Money From eCommerce Business In Nigeria With The Least Possible Investment. 

 There are 2 Main Approaches, I will tell you about the 2 of them.

  • Approach 1: Partner with these top eCommerce Websites: Yes, you can actually become a seller on Jumia, Konga, dealdey, etc. This will give you the chance to share part of their massive traffic and make lots of money. We will talk more on this later.
  • Approach 2: Instead of going after the whole products like these GIANTS, focus on a single category: For example, WRISTWATCHES. Yes, you can create your store and sell only wristwatches. Be the best wristwatch seller.  There are too many businesses selling wristwatches already, so you can decide to go for a less competitive product category. What about Home Security Gadgets? Just saying...

There is one important thing I should tell you though.. there is a better TWIST to this second APPROACH… It is the exact one I am using. Don’t worry; I am going to tell you about it.

My Exact Formula. 


I Only Sell Products That Solves A Particular Problem or At Least Help People Increase Their Values.

Then, I also make sure this product is not something they see at their everyday store. There is a name for this type of products… SPECIALTY/PECULIAR PRODUCTS!!! That is what they are called. One thing about these products is that people don’t actually buy at WILL, they buy because they MUST BUY. I get these products majorly via Importation (from China), but sometimes, I source them in Nigeria too.


Then I quickly create advert on Facebook targeting the people who are having this problems or might be needing the products.  Like below:


BOOM!!! They place order to get the products. Sometimes, they even beg us to get it:



We deliver and get paid like you can see in the pictures bellow:

Above is a screenshot of payment notification by email for some of the orders delivered for us by Courier Plus in January, 2017. These doesn't include orders from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state. I use private delivery service for those

Above is a screenshot of payment notification (Over N300,000) by email for some of the orders delivered for us by Cedar Express in one of the weeks of November, 2017.  Unlike Courier Plus, their payments come from centres that made the deliveries rather than being centralized. Again, these doesn't include orders from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state. I use private delivery service for those.

One more thing is that these are not all the payments I received that week, some of the payment details doesn't contain the search term I used (CEDAR) like the one below:

I need to point out that this is so simple and does only require you to have a computer, a browsing application (even a good old internet explorer is perfect), internet connection, a bank account, an initial investment of N10,000 & above and finally a mobile phone to take your orders.  

I have been having a troop of people coming to me to show them how to do this. This is due for some of my few free training on YouTube and some other places and also my reputation as someone who knows how to make money and always tell the truth.

For this reason, I have already been privately coaching 10 people on exactly how to do this and it has been fun so far. But the thing is, it is tiring and so I have had to close door to other potential students.

This is making me to start looking like a bad person. If you have known me for a while you will know keeping secret is not really my style… especially when it is something that can help others to succeed.

Seeing people succeed as a result of my effort just simply give me a lot of JOY. Also, in the next few days to this writing I will be turning 27, I want to as always use my new age to mark a cause of success in people. For this reason, I’ve decided to take in 50 more students who I will hold by the hands and show everything I have been doing to make money through eCommerce.

Introducing ...

Ecom Cash Flow is a Step By Step "Over The Shoulder" Video Course That Will Guide You Through How To Bank 6-7 Figures in Profit Every Month From A Billion Dollar Industry (THE ECOMMERCE INDUSTRY).

Ecom Cash Flow is an advanced mini importation business course that will show you the right formula you need to apply into your business, if you ever care about being successful in the game. 

In this course, I will be showing you my exact approach to this business... Not actually what every other person was doing.

Basically, this video course is going to hold you by the hands and guide you on how to import hot in demand products from China and resell them for at least more than 100% percent profit and sell as fast as possible.

Although, this course will be focusing on Mini Importation, the method can also be applied to sell any products or even services.

The strongest part of this course is about how fast you can sell your products and scale/grow your business.

So, these days, instead of you struggling to sell… You will be struggling to increase your inventory because you will be SOLD OUT at almost every time.

There is No Better Feeling! TRUST ME

 Who this course is not for

  •  Someone who can't follow direction or take simple actions. 
  • Someone who only wants to make pennies from what he/she invest. 
  • Someone who is already successful and doesn't want an extra income stream.

If you have ever tried Mini Importation / Ecommerce before and failed, then this is your chance to recover your losses because profiting with this BRAND NEW METHOD is Imminent.

You Will Be Learning: 

  •  Everything You Need to Know about doing eCommerce in Nigeria. 
  •  How to find Hot-In-Demand Products – Products That Are Actually Sure To Sell Themselves With Little or No Advertising Cost. I discussed 7 Methods, the second methos will blow your mind.
  • How and Where To Source For Your Products Cheaply - You Don’t Even Need A Dollar Card Or Whatever. Trust me, you will be able to do this even if you have never imported a pin before.
  •  How to Put Your Products Online (Right In Front Of Your Potential Buyers)
  • How to partner with the likes of KONGA, JUMAI, DEALDEY, etc to make even more sales.
  •  7 Ninja Tactics That You Can Use to Blow Up Your Sales. One of these tactics will help you increase the value of your products and make sure you can charge double, or even quadruple of what your product is actually worth in the market. Sounds crazy, but it's 101% LEGAL.
  •  The right places to advertise your products and get even more sales... Plus the only place where I advertise and WHY! .
  •  A list of proven products you can go and import right away for up to 400% ROi
  • Case Study of Some Products I have Done in The Past and How They Performed.
  • How To Run Your Business Successfully Even If You Are Abroad - This Is Also A Good News For People In The Remote Areas Of The Country

  • How To Put This Business on Complete Autopilot. This is a new One


  • And Much More

 I made this course with the mind that you will always look back at it as one of the best investments you ever made.

Don’t take my words for it. Here is what people are saying about my eCom training:

NOTE: These reviews are not for eCOM Cash Flow, but from few of those people I've taken as students in the past. The value they got is not even up to the quarter of what you will be getting from eCom Cash Flow. The Course is still in a Pre-Launch stage and you will be one of the first people that will be laying hands on it. So, I am hoping to add your review to this space soon.

 So, now that you know about the course and everything you will be learning and getting through it, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Before we get into that, let me bribe you crazily with some Badass Bonuses:

Fast Action Bonuses!!!

Fast Action BONUS 1:  FaceBOOM Ads Academy 

Create a very large cash flow selling online starting from absolute zero.

This A-Z training that you’ll need to truly succeed with Facebook Ads for eCommerce. From the basics of introducing you to the platform, to the more advanced stuff like evergreen campaigns, we’ve got it all.

This video course will show you how to do eCommerce in an international level. Lots of info on it will also be useful for the Nigerian market. It's just a great addition.

 Valued at N81,000

Fast Action Bonus 2: Building a Facebook Chatbot in Chatfuel

A Comprehensive Guide to Monetizing Messenger for Brands & Businesses. 

You can use this to drive your sales to the roof. This video will take you step

Valued at N4,000

Fast Action Bonus 3:  InstaGlory 

How to increase your Instagram following and make money while doing so.

I have decided to release my deepest secrets in this course of how I built a 6 figure Instagram business from scratch and gained millions of followers on my accounts. and how you can do it too

 Value N18,000

Fast Action Bonus 4: YouTube Ads On Fire

You will learn how to run adverts on Youtube. This is definitely going to be a good plus for anyone who is willing to try their hands out on Youtube Traffic.

Valued at N70,920

Fast Action Bonus 5:  Fiverr Cash Formula

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash, you can do it through the same system that made me my first $1,000 in a month in my internet marketing journey. This was my best and last course on Fiverr. Anf it is all yours for FREE

Valued at N6,500

Fast Action Bonus 6:  15 Mins Skype Chat With Me

How about giving you a FREE direct access to me for 15 mins to help you kickstart your eCom Business? I will show you my face, share my screen and answer just about any question you want to ask. And the good thing is that, you can choose any day you want this within your first 30 days of membership.



ECOM CASH FLOW VALUE: N30,500…. Here is why? With the strategies this course will be exposing you to, you will only be needing 3-4 sales (which should happen on your day 1) to make your N30,500 back.

Considering the fact that you are getting a total value of over N210,000, if I ask you to pay N100,000, then it will be worth it. You can see above that I make well over that in a week.

But then I won’t do that because I want to make sure any serious person who is interested in this course is able to get it.

So I am pricing it so low that you will think I’m stupid. But it’s fine.

All you need to pay in order to get access to ECOM CASH FLOW and all the above bonuses today is just N9,500. Yes, you read right, you only have to pay N50,000 N25,000 $15,999 N9,500 LIMITED TIME OFFER ,  to have full access to these:


Bonus #1 FaceBOOM Ads Academy

Bonus #2 Facebook Chat Bot

Bonus #3 InstaGlory

Bonus #4 Youtube Ads on Fire

Bonus #5 Fiverr Cash Formula

Bonus #6 FREE 15 Mins Skype Call










Here’s How to Secure Your Copy of The eCom Cash Flow Today At Crazy Discount (Limited Time Offer) Available For The Next 10 Persons... And Get Access to The Amazing Bonuses!


Price Goes Up In:

You will be able to go away with eCom Cash Flow for a Token of N9,500  Today. But You Have The Next 48 Hours to order or else you will have to pay the full N30,500 which the course will actually be selling for.

Check The Above Countdown Timer.

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N9,500 into;
Account Name: ADELEYE IDRIS A.
Account No: 012-671-8554

STEP 2: After payment, send a text message (No phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to: 
As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within 45 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 3:00 AM. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area. No waiting whatsoever.

WARNING! The price is going up soon...If you wait, you could find yourself paying a lot more for this.

100% NO.STORY Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive this course for course for complete 30 Days with NO RISK!

If you after going through this course fully and you think the method is not implementable or can not give you at least 100% ROi every time as promised. 

Simply contact me and will send back 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

So, right now the ball is in your court. 

You decide to get the eCom Cash Flow today for a steal-price and get a bargain of a life-time. Or you can come back tomorrow and pay at the regular fee, for which the course will still be a good bargain. 

And you can as well decide to follow that part of your mind that is saying this is one of those courses, close this page and never return... It's a choice as long as you can live with watching us make all the money and you biting your fingers in regrets.

That said, I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

P.S- All through this page, I was being conservative, from the claim in the headline to when I showed my proof of earnings. I go a lot more than that. but I don't want to overwhealm you with results and figures. 

To your success!



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